10 Safety Life Hacks That Can Help You Every Day

Whether we’re at home, out shopping, or heading off on a vacation, we all want to feel secure. Even if you’re confident that your neighborhood is very safe, there’s always a possibility of unforeseen crimes. Fortunately, by staying vigilant and employing some straightforward strategies, you can prevent house burglaries and pickpocketing.

Make sure to keep your purse secure while shopping for groceries.

10 Safety Life Hacks That Can Help You Every Day

“When you are using a shopping cart in the store, make sure to keep your purse zipped or closed. To secure it, clip the child safety belt through the straps of your purse,” advises the Windham Police Department. wrote On Facebook, it was stated, “This will help prevent anyone from exploiting your distraction and making off with your purse.”

It’s actually simpler than it looks: you can even make do with a cheap carabiner clip to secure your bag if the cart lacks a belt.

Utilize unconventional items to conceal your money while you’re on the go.

When you travel, it’s wise to keep some extra cash with you in case you get robbed or accidentally leave your wallet behind. A clever way to hide this money is by placing it inside a small, unassuming item. An old deodorant tube works perfectly for this purpose!

3. Carry a fake wallet.

When heading out, carry a decoy wallet that looks real but contains just a small amount of cash, notes, and papers. This way, if a thief tries to rob you, they’ll take the fake wallet, not causing you too much trouble. Make sure to keep your actual wallet in a secure inner pocket.

4. Use a crossbody bag to help prevent purse snatching.

Unsecured bags, shoulder bags, and individuals who don’t constantly hold their purses can easily attract thieves who snatch them from the victim’s shoulder or lap. To prevent this, use a cross body bag, as it is more difficult to steal. Always keep a hand on your bag and wear it in front of you for added security.

5. Know your card cancellation numbers.

It is crucial to keep your card’s emergency contact numbers separate from the cards themselves. In case your card is lost or stolen, you can easily call the Lost/Stolen card hotline and cancel the card to prevent its unauthorized use or any money from being withdrawn.

6. Avoid storing your extra keys in the mailbox.

Rather than choosing a typical hiding spot for your spare house keys, consider burying them in your backyard. This method is both straightforward and effective. You will need an empty medicine bottle and a stone to cover it. Attach the stone to the bottle’s lid, place your keys inside, and bury the bottle deep enough in the ground so that only the stone is visible. Just make sure to remember the location and appearance of the rock!

7. Make sure to maintain a tidy yard, particularly when you plan to travel.

 Make sure to maintain a tidy

A neglected yard with overgrown bushes and tall grass may signal to burglars that the home owner has been away for a while. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain a tidy landscape consistently. If you take a trip, consider hiring someone to mow your lawn and keep your yard looking well-kept.

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