Create a privacy policy page for blogger

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Create a privacy policy page, create a privacy policy page. Create a Contact Us page. What is the privacy policy of the sites? The code contacted us is HTML.

Create a privacy policy page for blogger

Blogging is a distinctive way to share your thoughts, communicate with like-minded people, build an audience, as well as to profit from the internet.

You may not be familiar with the technical details of running your blog, which is one of the basics before submitting the blog to Google AdSense ads to profit from.

If you want to know how to create a privacy policy for your blog as well as how to create a Contact Us page, keep reading our article about creating a privacy policy page for a blogger | Contact Us page is ready.


What is the blog Privacy Policy?


If you haven’t been collecting any data on your blog, you may be convinced that you don’t need a privacy policy, so keep in mind that if you use some kind of analytics to track user behavior on your blog Or maybe a third-party email service for sending newsletters It means that you are collecting user data and you need to mention this in your privacy policy.

There are several main reasons why you should add a privacy policy page on your blog, the most important of which are:

The availability of your blog on a privacy policy shows that you comply with the laws and it also helps you create a professional atmosphere for readers and visitors of your site and that their personal information is well protected.

Protect you from liability: as is known, cyber security attacks have become more widespread. Therefore, in the event of a data breach, your readers will know that you have taken all legal steps to protect their data as set out in your privacy policy. They also know that they also have a level of control over their personal information because they have options to change their preferences or opt out of sharing personal information if they wish.
We are still following in our article about creating a privacy policy page for a blogger | Contact Us page is ready.

Be clear and concise

Put yourself in the place of readers. Most, if not all, of them, will not understand the legal terms that you are trying to post on your blog, especially if you are trying to dodge and hide something.

Know that by writing in clear language that anyone can understand, and avoiding legal jargon, you will do yourself a great service and avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Include all relevant information

Your blog’s privacy policy should include the information you collect from readers, how you use their information, and who has access to it.

Make sure that the more your blog readers know and understand what you’re doing with their information, the more they’ll trust you.

Remember that privacy laws evolve and may change over time as well as your blog’s Privacy Policy.

How to add a blog Privacy Policy page

Create a privacy policy page
Create a privacy policy page
Log in to the control panel of your blog on the blogger.
Click on the pages from among the side sections.
Click Create a new page.
Write the content of the Privacy Policy page.
Choose not to allow comments from the side options, this is very necessary.
Click on Publish.
Add the page to the blog template by appearance.

It may also benefit you:


Follow us in creating a privacy policy page for bloggers | Contact Us page is ready.

Our Contact Us page is ready
The Contact Us page is one of the four most important pages on any website because it is usually one of the most visited website pages for most companies.

They include an email and a phone number so that visitors can quickly find the required information.

It also includes a short fill-in form that will help you understand who is calling you.

Create a Contact Us page for a blogger blog:

1-Log into the control panel of your blog blogger.

2-Click on the pages from among the side sections.

3-Click on Create a new page.

4-Click on the HTML view of the pen marker on the left of the subject

5-copy the HTML contact us Code and add it to the page after scanning any written code on the page:

<div dir=”rtl” style=”text-align: right;” trbidi=”on”>

<div id=”contact-form”>

<form name=”contact-form”>

<input class= “contact-form-name”id=” ContactForm1_contact-form-name ” name=” name “placeholder=” name “size= “30” type=”text” value=”” />

<input class= “contact-form-email”id=” ContactForm1_contact-form-email “name=” email “placeholder=” Email “size= “30” type=”text” value=”” />

<textarea class= “contact-form-email-message” cols=”25″ id= “ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message” name= “email-message” placeholder= “message” rows=”5″ ></textarea>

<input id= “ContactForm1_contact-form-submit” type=” button” value= “Send” />

<br />

<div style=”text-align: center;”>

<div id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-error-message”>


<div id=”ContactForm1_contact-form-success-message”>





<style type=”text/css”>#contact-form{background:#ececec;padding:10px;box-shadow:0 0 0 1px #d9dce1}#ContactForm1_contact-form-name,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message{margin:5px auto;border:1px solid #e3e3e3;transition:all .5s ease-out;width:100%;border-radius:10px;padding:8px 15px;margin-bottom:10px;font-family:’bein’,Roboto,sans-serif}#ContactForm1_contact-form-submit{border:1px solid #e3e3e3;font:unset;text-shadow:1px 1px 5px #111;font-weight:700;font-size:14px;padding:5px 15px;background-color:#06de15;border-radius:5px;color:#fff;font-family:’bein’,Roboto,sans-serif;letter-spacing:1px;cursor:pointer}#ContactForm1_contact-form-name:focus,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email:focus,#ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message:focus{outline:none;border-color:rgba(81,203,238,1);box-shadow:0 0 5px rgba(81,203,238,0.7)}.contact-form-error-message-with-border{color:#b90000;font-weight:700}</style>

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

<script type=” text/javascript”>


_WidgetManager._RegisterWidget(‘_ContactFormView’, new _WidgetInfo(‘ContactForm1’, ‘contact-sec’, null, document.getElementById (‘ContactForm1’), {‘contactFormMessageSendingMsg’: ‘sending…’, ‘contactFormMessageSentMsg’: ‘your message has been sent.’ , ‘contactFormMessageNotSentMsg’: ‘message could not be sent, please try again later.’ , ‘contactFormInvalidEmailMsg’:’ A valid email address is required.’ , ‘contactFormEmptyMessageMsg’: ‘the message field cannot be empty.’, ‘title’: ‘contact form’,’ blogId’: ‘put here the id of your blogger‘,’ contactFormNameMsg’: ‘name is mandatory’, ‘contactFormEmailMsg’: ‘Mandatory email’, ‘contactFormMessageMsg’: ‘message’, ‘contactFormSendMsg’: ‘send’, ‘submit’: ‘’}, ‘ displayModeFull’));


Note: change the sentence ‘ put your blogger id here‘ by placing the link to the blogger home page of your blog

Then click on Publish.

6-choose not to allow comments from among the options.

8-click on Publish.

9 – then add the page to the blog template from the appearance.

The Contact Us page is ready.
The Contact Us page will appear as follows:

Create a privacy policy page

It is worth noting that the code for the Contact Us page varies from template to template, if you are using a paid template, for example, SEO Plus or Squeeze, you can add a short small code that you will find on the template explanation site.


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