Videotape editing functions on CapCut

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Capcut is an easy-to-use videotape editing operationoffering nearly all the necessary tools in a stonerfriendly interface. So that druggies can cutcombine, resize, add clips, and speed up, and reverse clips with just many clicks.

maybe it’s useful to add that one of the main features of Capcut is the Merge, which allows placing fresh clips on top of the main shots and fluently resizing them. Not to mention that druggies can also use the green screen or add a background for further effect.

Capcut audio editing

It should be noted that the CapCut operation contains a rich music library that includes exclusive songs defended by the brand.

Upload options are also availableallowing druggies to add their own music or excerpt audio from being vids. In addition, the operation also provides a lot of sound goods that can be fluently penetrated via the hunt bar and the favorite button.

The operation also enables you to edit the audio track independently with options for conforming the volumestart and end, as well as the capability to cut the asked audio fragment. Not to mention that CapCut also provides a matching tool for adding melodies, which druggies can add manually or let the operation do it automatically.

stilldruggies can not change the pitch of the added audio track, or ameliorate the sound quality as some professional programs allow. But the operation may include this in unborn performances.

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CapCut stickers and special goods

The operation allows you to add stickers to your vidsdistributed according to their themes for illustration Christmas and New Year. In addition to the popular emojis, the stickers include snowflakes, stars, and arrows, as well as rainfall options and other attributes.

druggies can also upload prints from their bias to use as stickers, although JPG and PNG formats are supported.

Note The CapCut app doesn’t give a hunt function or bookmarks, which can make choosing stickers delicate for druggies who use them constantly.

goods of the CapCut program

CapCut offers two types of special goods videotape goods and body goods. One can apply videotape goods to the main videotape, overlay, or both. On the other handbody goods are applied to the mortal body or a certain corridor of it in the videotape. The operation uses detector technology to fete the mortal body and add the named goods around it.

In addition, it has a variety of special videotape goodsincluding three-dimensional drones and blur, among others. druggies can put multiple goods on one videotape and edit each of them independently to achieve great results.

Pollutants and transitions in the CapCut program


CapCut solves this problem by offering predefined pollutants for colors. In fact, these pollutants can be fluently acclimated to suit the stoner‘s preferences. By using pollutantsdruggies can save time and optimize workflow. Pollutants can be applied to introductory clips and overlays.


CapCut offers colorful transition optionssimilar to Basic, Camera, MG, Effect, and Mask transitions. In additionsimilar transitions make it possible to easily hide the cut between the main clips. still, it’s important to choose the right transition because only one transition can be added between two main syllables. It’s possible to add a transition to the overlay by creating a videotape with a transition and adding it as an overlay.


We’ve formerly seen that CapCut is a free videotape montage operation for Android and iOS operating systems, and offers a large selection of editing tools for freestill to pierce further goods and features you can subscribe for USD7.99 per month, with yearly subscription options available for USD9.99 or USD54.99 per year. You can also conclude for a personality subscription to get fresh features similar to access to exclusive offers and personality goods for USD12.99 per month.

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